I was honoured and privilege to served as a manager at our National Gallery of Canada in Ottawa most of my creative life. While there I implemented North Americaís first Interactive Multimedia Center in any museum and shared my unique artistic knowledge with artists from around the world. Iíve been a Chalk Pastel artist, Etcher and Photographer for over 40 years and have always pursued the elusive light in landscape art. Iím a giving father of 6 children that keep me ever young and for whom Iím eternally thankful. Iím a die-hard Romantic who is obsessed with creating poetry inspired by art and the love for my darling wife.

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If youíre a person who believes that great art can be ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING when created by the Human Spirit, whoís sole purpose is to resonate with yours, causing us to lovingly rejoice while in its presence, then I know you're in the right place.

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Perhaps the simplest, yet most appropriate distinction, between the physical objects we call paintings, photographs or prints and the Art that should reside inside them would be that the object and its mediums are primarily the product of craftsmanship, skill and artisan practices, while a great work of fine art is comprised only of its shape, form, line, composition and light on the object's surface, that is aesthetically invested with an emotional, philosophical and ethereal quality that will reach far, far beyond.

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If my art is a window into my soul, then so my poetry is the beat of its heart.

The following poem was inspired by the realization that our future does not exist until it actually arrives and that the past did but just seconds before. To understand LIFE is to understand who I truly am.


I walk through life, I hope to win,

The luck I need, my life begin.

 I take a chance, Oh God Iím scared,

Opportunity seized, I was prepared.

Iím in the moment, what an event,

I seize forever, my life well spent.

Destiny changes with each thought,

Never sure what's right or what's not.

From this moment Iíll be true,

And follow my heart, it knows what to do.

We alter our paths, we think too much,

And wonder why happiness,

We reach but can't touch.

Follow your soul and dreams I'm told,

You'll not be confused, your mind never old.

Trust your heart, it leads to joy,

This path I took, itís the one to employ.

Decisions we make, we take to the end,

My future uncertain, here comes a new bend.

D. Richards

~ ~ ~ ~