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Below is an alphabetical list of all the works of art in this website. By clicking on a title you will view the image, its title and poem if applicable. When the page is closed it will return you to the gallery and wall it sits on.


All That Jazz

Autumn Light 1

Autumn Light 2

Ballet Slippers

Big Island Grass

Big Water Aspotogon

Blue and White Boats

Blue Boat Lupines

Blue Fishing Boat

Blue Rock Fishing Hut

Bonavista Hut

Broken Branch

Cape Breton Beach

Cape Breton Hillside

Cape Split

Carousel Joe

Chester Basin

Diamond Cove Harbour

Drifting Sands


Early Mist Dublin Bay

Forest Light 1

Forest Light 2

Forest Light 3

Gatineau Pines

Green Bay House

Gros Morn Pines

House and Traps


Lahave Fishing Hut

Lahave Surf

Late Winter Day

Lets Dance


Little Harbour

Lloyds Landing

Lonely Pine

Mad Rock

Mad Rock Storm

Merigomish Beach

Mighty Fundy Tide

Mirror Lake

Musical Chairs

Musical Drums

My Canoe

My Distant Fields

Night Pine

Nova Scotia Sumac

Old Barn

Old Farm Mower

One Fishing Boat

Pebble Beach

Queen Annís Lace

Rough Seas

Self Portrait

South Shore Island

Stormy Blue Boat

Stormy Weather

Sunset Aspotogon

The Alley Way

The Farm

Three Flowers

Three Lost Pines

Tilting Fogo Island


Two Boats

Two Fishing Boats

Two Fishing Stages

Two Good Arms

Valley Sails

Violin and Books

White Point Aspotogon

White Point Beach

Winter Garden